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Council meetings are also on our Events calendar - any changes to the start time of a meeting will be found there.

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CALENDAR 2019 Meeting Schedule

General Rules for Delegations - How to Appear as a Delegate


This feature allows you to search Municipal records for Bylaws, Council Agendas and Minutes for Council, Drainage, and Planning as well as Master Plans for the Town.

Council Agendas

Agendas for upcoming meetings are available at noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.  Please note that any documents provided to the municipality for inclusion on the public agenda are not reviewed for content.  Please be mindful of this should you be asked to provide personal information on a document such as a petition to Council.

Council Agendas

Council Minutes

Disclaimer: Council and Committee Agendas, Minutes and By-laws contained on the Town of Lakeshore web site have been posted for the purpose of reference only and are not certified true copies. To ensure accuracy or obtain certified copies contact the Clerk's Department.

Council Minutes

Declarations of Pecuniary Conflict of Interest under the
Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

It is a requirement of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, beginning March 1, 2019, that every municipality establish and maintain a registry of written statements of pecuniary conflict of interest disclosed by members at a Council, Committee or Board meeting. 

It is required that all members submit their disclosures of pecuniary conflict of interest in writing to the Clerk. The onus is on the member to determine whether they are affected by the pecuniary conflict of interest provisions outlined in the Act. 

Click this link to view the registry of written disclosures of pecuniary conflict of interest as of March 1, 2019


Municipal Bylaws

Municipal Bylaws for all of Lakeshore are contained electronically in our Laserfiche system.  Click the link below to access the system and search our current bylaws.  Contact the Town Hall if you require further assistance.

Municipal Bylaws

Tariff of Fees Bylaw - 2019

 *The Tariff of Fees Bylaw is subject to frequent amendments.  Visit our electronic document repository to obtain the most current listing (look newest date first)  or contact Town Hall at (519) 728-2700

Off Road Vehicles (ORV) By-Law 65-2017

Buy In Fees

By-law 49-2015-2018 Water and Wastewater Buy-in fees January-June

Bylaw 49- 2015-2017 Water and Wastewater Buy-in fees  January-June
Bylaw 49- 2016-2017 Water and Wastewater Buy-in fees  July-December



Smoking Bylaw - see Municipal Bylaws above

Details on Smoking Bylaw in our Parks

Alley / Road Closing Procedures

To close a street or alley, the Clerk division must be contacted first. You may contact them at 519-728-2700
Ext. 231.  The policy link outlines the formal policy of the Town of Lakeshore.

Closing and Sale of Streets and Alleys Policy

Master Plans

Master Plans developed and commissioned by Lakeshore.

Master Plans

Lakeshore Policies (frequently requested)


What is Freedom of Information (F.O.I.)?

F.O.I. is a commonly used term that refers to Ontario's Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This Act applies to all municipalities in the province of Ontario.

The fundamental purpose of the freedom of information system is accountability to the public. The spirit of the Act is to create an open and accountable government by providing as much information as possible to the public, while ensuring that their personal privacy is protected.

The Act gives you two legal rights:

How do I Get Information I Want?

First, you should approach the Department you believe has the information you are looking for and simply ask for it. In most situations, you will be given a copy of the information requested.

In some circumstances, you may be asked to submit a formal request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. You may also be required to pay a fee.

If you are denied access to information, staff will explain why. Decisions of the municipality can be appealed.Computer picture

Freedom of Information Request Form

Information and Privacy Commissioner's Website


If you have questions about starting a home business, please contact the Building and Bylaw Division at 519-728-2818

No business license is required through the Town of Lakeshore at this time. The only requirement relates to the zoning of your location.

  • The right to access government information, including most general records, and personal information about yourself; and

  • The right to the protection of your personal information which may be held within government records.

Date edited: 08/07/2019