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Development Manual, Energy Plan and Master Plans


Development Manual

The Town of Lakeshore's Development Manual has been completed. The Development Manual provides staff, consultants, developers and builders with minimum standards for development within the municipality.

Development Manual

Appendix A: Development Flow Charts

Assumption & Acceptance of Services

Guidelines, Professional Engineers

Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Community Mailbox Installation Guideline

Appendix B: Typical Subdivision Agreement

Appendix B: Typical Site Plan Agreement

Appendix C: Development Charges and Tariff of Fees By-law - see the fee bylaw

Appendix D: Park Fees - see the fee bylaw

Appendix E: Partial List of Applicable By-laws and Policies

Appendix F: Figures

Construction Check List

Site Plan Check List

Subdivision Development Check List

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

MP Appendix

Master Plan Final

Master Plan Final

Community Consultation

Condition and Mtce


Asset Management Plan

The Town of Lakeshore has completed its Asset Management Plan, The Asset Management Plan (AMP) will assist the Town in making decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing, and disposing of infrastructure assets. The intent of the plan is to make the best use of the funds available while managing risk and continuing to provide adequate levels of services to the public.

Click here to read the entire Asset Management Plan for The Town of Lakeshore

Transportation Master Plan

At the July 7, 2008 Council meeting Council adopted the final report of the Transportation Master Plan. The Transportation Master Plan for the Town of Lakeshore provides a comprehensive long range plan that integrates the transportation infrastructure requirements of existing and future land use, with the community planning principles of the municipality for growth management, public safety, affordability, economic vitality and quality of life developed through the Town's new Official Plan.

Transportation Master Plan

Comments on Engineering and Development related issues can be sent to

The Engineering Services division is responsible for:

  • Reviewing new development proposals such as residential subdivisions, commercial, industrial and institutional developments.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Town of Lakeshore Development Standards Manual, Subdivision Agreements and Site Plan Agreements, both at the design and construction stage for all new development.
  • Ensuring mapping and record drawings are filed appropriately in order to be retrieved for review
  • Provide servicing data to consulting engineers, developers, contractors, utility companies, property owners, builders, lawyers, staff, etc.
  • Engineering Services works closely with Geographic Information Systems staff to ensure our GIS data is accurate and updated.
  • The Division is also involved in Asset Management of municipally owned infrastructure and assists in providing and reviewing data.

Fire Master Plan - click here for link

Corridor Management and Access Control Policy

Corridor Access Management - Final Report

Transportation - Impact Study Guidelines 

Energy Management


2014 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.pdf (link)

2015 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.pdf (link)

Paper copies of these reports are also available for viewing at the Lakeshore Town Hall reception.

In 2009 the Province passed the Green Energy Act, which has as one of its objectives the promotion of energy conservation. Ontario Regulation 397/11  Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans made under the Green Energy Act was issued in August 2011 as part of the promotion of energy conservation objective.

Ontario Regulation 379/11 requires the Town of Lakeshore to prepare a five-year Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plan and to publish it by July 1, 2014. Lakeshore Council adopted its ECDM Plan on June 10, 2014. The ECDM Plan can be found at the link below:

Town of Lakeshore Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2014 -2019 (Made under Ontario Regulation 397/11 Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans)

Strategic Plan

2015 Strategic Plan


Date edited: 09/19/2017