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Water Reports & Plans

Annual Water Quality Reports

Water and Wastewater Master Plan

The Town of Lakeshore completed a Water and Wastewater Master Plan in 2008 to develop strategies for its water and wastewater servicing. The plan provides a consolidated framework to guide the planning and implementation of strategic water and wastewater infrastructure improvements over the next 20 year planning horizon and beyond with integrated consideration of the natural, social and economic environments.

The Lakeshore Water and Wastewater Master Plan is intended to provide timely and cost effective solutions to better manage the increased amount of infrastructure required to service growth within the municipality utilizing sound environmental assessment planning principles.

The work undertaken in preparation of the Lakeshore Water and Wastewater Master Plan follows the planning and design process of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Class EA, October 2000, as Amended in 2007.

Typically, Master Plans are long range plans with broader scopes which integrate infrastructure requirements for existing and future land use with environmental assessment planning principles.  These plans examine an infrastructure system or group of related projects in order to outline a framework for planning subsequent projects and/or developments.  Master Plans address (in part) Phases 1 and 2 of the Municipal Class EA process.

The following links are provided to the Town of Lakeshore’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan.

Water / Wastewater Master Plan Update Draft - January 2018

Water / Wastewater Master Plan - Report Body - October 2008

Master Plan February 2009 - Final
Appendix A - List of Figures
Appendix B - Public & Review Agency Consultants
Appendix C - Benthic Invertebrates Survey Report 2006
Appendix D - Pollution Survey
Appendix E - Existing Watermain Inventory
Appendix F - Existing Sanitary Sewer
Appendix G - Opinion of Probable Cost Assumption
Appendix H - Detailed Breakdowns of Net Present Value Analysis
Appendix I -  Water & Sewer Rate, Preview Report
Appendix J - Acknowledgements

Annual Drinking Water Reports

        -  Lakeshore Annual Report
        -  Lakeshore Union Distribution Annual Report
        -  Lakeshore Summary Report
        -  Lakeshore Tecumseh Distribution Annual Report
        -  Stoney Point Annual Report
        -  Stoney Point Summary Report
        -  Tecumseh Summary Report

        - Lakeshore Annual Report
        - Lakeshore Tecumseh Distribution Annual Report
        - Lakeshore Union Distribution Annual Report
        - Stoney Point Annual Report
        - Lakeshore Summary Report
        - Stoney Point Summary Report
        - Tecumseh Summary Report
        - Union Summary Report

Date edited: 02/07/2018