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The Atlas Tube Centre (formerly called Multi-Use Recreation Facility (MURF)) is our new 172,000 square foot complex at 447 Renaud Line in Lakeshore. Phase 1 of this building, opened in September 2014 with the first 3 ice pads. A series of soft openings included the lobby, library and gymnasium through October and November with the grand opening in December.

To see the current programs and activities at the Atlas Tube Centre, visit our Recreation and Leisure Page.  Questions about programs can be directed via email to or 519-727-0470.

The 2nd phase, currently under construction is the Aquatic complex including four lap lanes, lazy river, therapeutic pool and shallow pool area. Outside there will be a 5 km walking trail, splash pad, soccer fields, and  multi-use courts.  It is scheduled to open Summer 2016.

Multi-Use Recreation Facility building

A trail will run from Renaud Line through to Puce Road with a link to the Atlas Tube Centre.  At Puce Road it will cross over the tracks, joining with the current trail on Oakwood, stretching back to Renaud Line where it will head south up Renaud Line to meet the trail at the Atlas Tube Centre. 

The Town has been the recipient of $34.6 million in grant money. The Federal and Provincial governments have each contributed $17.3 towards this project.  This grant money substantially reduced the cost of this facility to the Town.

A Capital Campaign ongoing to raise funds to support this facility.  The Town of Lakeshore is proud to announce Stephanie and Barry Zekelman as Chairs of this campaign.  To date, the Town has raised $3 million to offset the cost of this facility and we are still collecting. 

The main focus of the fundraising is a community campaign designed to solicit individual and group donations to help create our multi-generational facilty that puts physical, educational and social resources under one roof.  We are building an active living hub that will bring generations together and promote community engagement. 

We are building a healthier Lakeshore.

Naming rights to the facility and components within it are important to the Campaign.  Opportunities are still available to name annenities both within and outside the facility such as:

  • The 3rd ice pad, 
  • Scoreboard in 3rd Ice Pad
  • Dance studio,
  • Community Multi-purpose rooms (2 available)
  • Meeting rooms, 
  • Double Community Boardroom,
  • Pool Change Rooms (2 available)
  • Indoor Track
  • Multi-purpose courts (outside)
  • Tennis Courts (outside)
  • Outdoor Trail running from Renaud Line to Puce Road

Want to join the numerous families and businesses on the donor wall?  Donations start at $500. 

Want to find out more?  Contact Rita Chappell-Arsenault at 519-728-2700 or email via

LEED Design

The Atlas Tube Facility has been built to LEED silver standards.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environment Design.  It is a certification awarded by the Canada Green Building Council recognizing achievement in sustainable design.  Our LEED building uses less energy, emits fewer green house gases, preserves natural resources, reduces waste and increases the well being of employees and visitors. 

At least 15% of the materials used to construct this facility conntain recycled content.  Construction accounts for approximately 40% of the world's resource use and the extraction and manufacturing of bulding materials significantly affects our environment.  Using recycled content in new buildings helps mitigate this impact.

Local Harvest - Whenever possible, construction materials such as steel and drywall were sourced from suppliers within 800 km of Lakeshore.  This resulted in at least 30% of building materials coming from local sources, travelling a shorter distance to get here. 

Lights and Views - The Atlas Tube Centre has been designed to maximize daylight and views to the outdoors.  It seems simple enough, but this design strategy has a big impace on the amount of energy we use for lighting, and comfort levels for our visitors. 

Lap and therapeutic pool
  Lap and therapeutic pool - Phase 2

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Date edited: 02/23/2016