The By-Law Department staff is responsible for the administration and enforcement of some of the Town's By-laws.
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Fence By-law - regulating height, type and location of fences
  • Sign By-law
  • Long Grass By-law - Regulation height of grass and weeds on properties not longer than 8"
  • Refuse and  Debris By-law
  • Smoking By-law - where smoking is prohibited by the Town
  • Dog By-law
  • Snow and Ice By-law
By-laws Enforced by the OPP (Contact OPP for enforcement at 
  • Noise By-law
  • Discharge of Fire Arms By-law
By-laws can be found on the website on the Agenda Minutes and Bylaw Page in the Town's Laserfiche system.  Enter the Laserfiche system by clicking on Municipal Bylaws.

The bylaws are separated into By-Law Enforcement OPP and Current Bylaws.  If you click the OPP link, the screen opens to list several of the By-laws that the OPP enforce.  You can click and open any of the bylaws.

Current By-laws opens all the By-laws for the Town.  Click on Common By-laws Referenced by the Public.  This opens the list of a number of By-laws.

Bylaws are legal municipal documents.  From time to time they are updated.  If there is an update, there will be several files.  You need to review all of the files in order to find all of the bylaw information.

Date edited: 01/28/2018