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This page lists the corrent projects the Town would  appreciate Public Input on. 

See below for:

Lighthouse Cove Community Plan

Details coming soon.

River Ridge Park

The River Ridge Park is 13.4 acres in size consisting primarily of a flat open grass parkland along with a parking lot with 34 spaces, a cricket pitch, and linear asphalt pathway along the north limit, swing set and playground equipment. River Ridge is one of seven parks that was classified as a community park. The Community Park is at the core of the community of parks concept. The concept builds off the identification of the population centres to provide equitable access to recreation across the Town of Lakeshore. These parks lie at the hearts of the individual communities found throughout the Town. Community parks are year-round parks that provide all-season access to the residents. All community parks will include the following: 
  • Universal Accessibility
  • Tree canopy (sense of place)
  • Seating (choices – benches/boulders)
  • Trash/recycling bins
  • Tables (picnic or café)
  • Play equipment (including alternative play opportunities)
  • Internal trails (if warranted)
  • Restrooms (closed during the winter months)
  • Exercise equipment
  • < >Splash Pad or other neighbourhood identifiable special feature
  • < >Investigate potential ‘Agreement’ with either school for use of the park and parking lot (school teacher use of lot)
  • Drainage issues north of the path along the north side of the park
  • Location of the existing cricket pitch (here or elsewhere)
  • Adjacent public elementary school fence and grade
  • River Ride Park relationship to nearby parkettes, Centennial Park, and school playgrounds/equipment
  • Park entrance and access
  • Apply CPTED principles (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Demographic profile of customer base
  • Identify unique character for the park
  • Stakeholder consultations: Discovery School, St Anne’s HS, cricket pitch users
  • Public consultations: communications with neighbourhood, school boards and community to capture preference on park concept.
A public information open house was held on October 10, 2018 at the Atlas Tube Center.
Presented at the public open house were four large display boards consisting of the following:
  1. River Ridge Existing Park:  Air Photograph showing existing park facilities
  2. River Ridge Concept “A”: including a splash pad and pickle ball courts
  3. River Ridge Concept “B”:  including a skate park
  4. River Ridge Examples: including pictures or sketches of items included on plan.
Park Site Plan Recommendations
Based on consultant’s review of stakeholder consultations and the public comments, it is recommend that the following be incorporated into River Ridge park design:
  1. Include large number of trees, particularly near the play equipment and splash pad.
  2. Remove the cricket pitch and relocate to another park.
  3. Provide a splash pad.  Consideration for shade sails over this area.
  4. Provide washrooms including a water bottle refill station. 
  5. Provide pedestrian walkways.  Pathways should be paved.
  6. Provide pedestrian lighting on the pathway.  Ensure that there is no light impacting the residences.  Bollard lighting is not feasible.
  7. Locate a washroom building and pavilion closer to the splashpad.
  8. Locate facilities to encourage gathering toward the south part of park to discourage groups of people from gathering at the north end of the park.
  9. Locate berm grading features along the east and west property line.
  10. Some consideration should be given by the committee to providing exercise stations.
  11. Provide a short fence to close the gap between the most easterly house on Vincent Crescent and the high school fence.
  12. Provide waste containers, recycling and dog waste disposal.
  13. Provide adequate parking. Consider locating some parking near the high school.
  14. Consider expanding the amount of playground equipment.
  15. Consider an option of pickleball.  There was some mild support for this activity.
Since being presented to Council in November 2018 for support in principle, the following changes were made to the plan in responding to feedback received from Council and Senior Administration:
  1. Removed parking lot near Saint Anne's high school resulting in a total parking reduction of about 50%. The current plan provides for 54 spaces.
  2. Added outdoor exercise equipment along east walkway (adjacent to the exercise berm)
  3. Reduced the height of the berm along north side to eliminate potential for privacy concerns for the adjacent homes. The concern being that people could stand on the berms and gain visibility over fences and into backyards.
  4. Added a seating area and trellis at the front of the park (south).  This location has been identified for future installation of public art.
  5. Winterized the washroom building so it can be used all year.
The final Public Open House is May 2nd, 2019 at the Atlas Tube Centre. As the public engagement and input on the Park Plan was completed in 2018, the intent of the final Open House will be for information purposes, to present the final design and answer questions.

Please click here for River Ridge Concepts

Three year Phasing plan


Stormwater Master Plan Phase 1

Information Boards
Comment sheet

Email completed comment sheets or questions to Peyman Raji at

Notre Dame/West River Street Construction

Notre Dame Street and West River Street Intersection Improvements EA:

As of July 1, 2018, a Part II Order Request Form must be used to request a Part II Order. The Part II Order Request Form is available online on the Forms Repository website ( by searching “Part II Order” or “012-2206E” (the form ID number).

Notice of Filing Addendum

Notice of Complete Addendum

Notice of Completion

Notre Dame Street and West River Street - Project File Report

Schedule "B" Class Environmental Assessment of Notre Dame Street (Essex County Road 22
connecting link) and West River Street Intersection Improvements - Public Information Centre #1.

Information will be collected in accordance with Ontario’s Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information all comments will become part of the public record.

West River Street Intersection

For Notre Dame and West River Street Comment Forms click here

Notre Dame MCEA Schedule B

Roundabout Option Diagram


Official Plan Review - Renewing Lakeshore

Lakeshore is undergoing a 5 year review of the Official Plan. 

The Official Plan contains Lakeshore Council's objectives and policies to guide the short-term and long-term physical development of all lands within the boundary of the municipality. The Plan seeks to balance the multiple goals of economic prosperity, community vitality, environmental responsibility, enriched cultural identity and infrastructure sustainability.

It provides direction for the allocation of land use, provision of municipal services and facilities, and preparation of regulatory by-laws to control the development and use of land. These types of policies are considered necessary to promote orderly urban growth and compatibility among land uses.

The Town needs your input!  Two open houses have been held and one more is scheduled for April. You are welcome to review the documents below and provide comment using the Official Plan comment form

Comments can be emailed to Lakeshore's Planner, Kim Darroch at

Official Plan Review Documents from Open House - December 6,2016

Lakeshore OP draft - November 2016 - (redine)

Issues and policy directions - November 2016

Affordable Housing Strategy (Final) May 2016

Residential Intensification Strategy - November 2016

Natural Heritage Discussion (draft)  November 2016

What is a Secondary Plan or Community Improvement Plan?

Secondary Plan is a planning document that includes a land use plan implementing policies that are adopted by council through a By-law. The Secondary Plan includes identifying opportunities and addressing challenges related to land use, environmental conditions, and transportation.  

The Secondary Plan for Lighthouse Cove will build upon the existing community and provide a vision to define the direction of future development.  

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning tool that allows the Town to provide financial incentives and undertake initiatives for environmental, social, or economic reasons. The main purposes of CIP is to encourage infill and redevelopment opportunities and enhance business opportunities in the community.

This CIP will be used as a tool to implement vision on four topic areas:

  • Community
  • Servicing
  • Open Space
  • Connectivity


Date edited: 05/13/2019