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This page lists the projects the Town needs Public Input on.  See below for:



Notre Dame/West River Street Intersection

Schedule "B" Class Environmental Assessment of Notre Dame Street (Essex County Road 22
connecting link) and West River Street Intersection Improvements - Public Information Centre #1.
Comments accepted until June 23, 2017. 

Information will be collected in accordance with Ontario’s Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information all comments will become part of the public record.

West River Street Intersection

For Notre Dame and West River Street Comment Forms click here

Notre Dame MCEA Schedule B

Roundabout Option Diagram

Water & Wastewater Master Plan Update Study

The Town of Lakeshore is undergoing a review of the Water and Wastewater Master Plan.  An Open House was held to view information.  The slides from the open house are posted below.  Individuals are welcome to provide comment until June 15, 2017 through email to or or telephone by calling 519-728-2700
Water & Wastewater Master Plan Update Study

Official Plan Review - Renewing Lakeshore

Lakeshore is undergoing a 5 year review of the Official Plan. 

The Official Plan contains Lakeshore Council's objectives and policies to guide the short-term and long-term physical development of all lands within the boundary of the municipality. The Plan seeks to balance the multiple goals of economic prosperity, community vitality, environmental responsibility, enriched cultural identity and infrastructure sustainability.

It provides direction for the allocation of land use, provision of municipal services and facilities, and preparation of regulatory by-laws to control the development and use of land. These types of policies are considered necessary to promote orderly urban growth and compatibility among land uses.

The Town needs your input!  Two open houses have been held and one more is scheduled for April. You are welcome to review the documents below and provide comment using the Official Plan comment form

Comments can be emailed to Lakeshore's Planner, Kim Darroch at

Official Plan Review Documents from Open House - December 6,2016

Lakeshore OP draft - November 2016 - (redine)

Schedule A - Community Structure

Schedule B.1.1 - Intake Protection Zones

Schedule B.1.2 - Highly Vulnerable Aquifers

Schedule B.1.3 - Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas

Schedule C1 - Land Use - Rural Area

Schedule C2 - Land Use - Belle River

Schedule C3 - Land Use - Emeryville

Schedule C4 - Land Use - Russell Woods

Schedule C5 - Land Use - Wallace Wood

Schedule C6 - Land Use - Patillo

Schedule C7 - Land Use - Amy Croft - Manning Road

Schedule C8 - Land Use - Stoney Point - Pointe - Aux-Roches

Schedule C9 - Land Use - Lighthouse Cove

Schedule C10 - Land Use - Comber

Schedule C11 - Land Use - County Road 22 Special Planning Area

Schedule B2.1 - Natural Heritage Features

Schedule B2.2 - Natural Heritage System

Schedule B3 - Natural Resources and Human Made Hazards

Schedule B4 - Natural Hazards and Floodprone Areas

Schedule D1 - Road Classification - Rural Area

Schedule D2 - Road Classification - Maidstone and Belle River

Schedule D3 - Active Transportation

Issues and policy directions - November 2016

Affordable Housing Strategy (Final) May 2016

Residential Intensification Strategy - November 2016

Natural Heritage Discussion (draft)  November 2016

Figure 1 - see Page 13 of Natural Heritage Discussion Paper

Figure 2 - County OP - Schedule A1

Figure 3 - County OP - Schedule B1

Figure 4 - County OP - Schedule B2

Figure 5 - County OP - Schedule B3

Figure 6 - County OP - Schedule C1

Figure 7 - County OP - Schedule C2

Figure 8 - Lakeshore OP - Natural Heritage System

Figure 9 - Lakeshore OP - Natural Heritage System

Figure 10 - Town of Lakeshore Owned Lands

Figure 11 - Town of Lakeshore Proposed Natural Heritage System

Lakeview Park Jetty


Lakeview Park Jetty Class Environmental Assessment

West Beach Jetty Presentation

 Invitation for Public Comment

The Town of Lakeshore intends to repair, replace and extend the steel sheet pile jetty (breakwall) that separates the Lakeview Park West Beach from the Belle River.  The project is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal class Environmental Assessment.  The study has progressed to the point that a recommended solution has been identified for review and public comment.

Public Drop-in Centre No. 2  (held October 18, 2016)

This Drop-In Centre is intended to:

Click here for Drop in Centre No 2 - Lakeview Park Jetty EA

Click here for Website Slide Outline

Public Drop-In Centre No. 1 (held August 24th, 2016)

Present the Problem / Opportunity Statement for the Project
Introduce the members of the Project Team
Present the scope of the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process

Click here for Lakeview Park Jetty Slide Presentation

Click here for the Drop-In Centre Comment Sheet

Questions and comments can be directed to:

Landmark Engineers Inc.
Dan Krutsch, P.Eng.
2280 Ambassador Drive
Windsor, ON N9C4E4

Parks Master Plan

- Survey Results
- Title Slide and Recommendations
- Parks Conditions Report

- Development Manual, Energy Plan and Master Plans
- Click here to see Final Parks and Recreation Master Plan

What do YOU think about Lakeshore's parks?
Lakeshore is preparing a new master plan for it’s Parks and Recreation system.  As part of this work, we want to hear what services and facilities YOU want to see in Lakeshore – in your neighbourhood park, your community parks and your sportsfields.  Are your parks maintained well?  Do you need new benches or pathways?  What about trails and natural areas?  How about a skateboard park?  Do we need more soccer fields?  Pickleball?  Tennis? This is your opportunity to tell us what you think!

Lakeshore Parks Master Plan Update

Final Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Click here to see display boards and park information.

If you would like more information, call Paul Bezaire of Bezaire & Associates, Landscape Architects and Planner at 519 966 6844 or email at

Date edited: 11/17/2017