The Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) is the first critical step in addressing O'Connor recommendations in the Walkerton Water Inquiry on quality management and system licensing.Licenses are required for all municipal drinking water systems. The DWQMS is an essential driver in developing the Quality Management components of that license.

Ontario Regulation #188/07 entitle Licensing of Municipal Drinking Water systems was released May 19, 2007.  This Regulation requires that the Town of Lakeshore submit an Operational Plan by the prescribed date of January 1, 2009.

The DWQMS requirements are that the owner of the water systems be aware and endorse the following items:  The DWQMS Policy, the Option of submissions of the Operational Plan and the identification of Top Management, as defined in the DWQMS Implementing Quality Management; A Guide for Ontario's Drinking Water Systems.

Why is this important?

Having a Drinking Water Quality Management System in place will be one of the steps which will ensure the Town of Lakeshore can operate its own water systems and the drinking water quality is not just maintained, but continually improved.  The DWQMS is also a driver of the larger, BCOS (Beyond Compliance Operating System) which takes in our wastewater systems and provides due diligence for environmental management of all Water and Wastewater Divisional activities, as well as Health and Safety.

Measuring Success?

Strong adherence to regulatory deadlines is a requirement and compliance is one way of measuring success.  The determination of success of the implementation of the DWQMS will be conducted via audits by third-party auditors appointed by the Ministry of the Environment.  Once approved, the Town will receive a license to manage its own facilities.

DWQMS - Quality Management System Policy Standard - Element #2

DWQMS - Commitment and Endorsement Policy - Element #3

Date edited: 06/06/2018