The Finance Department is comprised of three main areas. One deals with the billing and collecting of revenues, one with the payment of bills, payroll and the provision of financial information for the benefit of other departments, along with the public and the other is Information Technology.

Finance is equally committed to the provision of excellent customer service for rate payer and general public enquiries. 


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This includes the preparation and collection of all property tax bills, which are issued twice a year as well as water and wastewater bills issued bi-monthly. Invoices for recoverable costs such as arena usage, drainage maintenance and developer services are billed monthly to assist with cash flow and ensure costs are recovered on a timely basis. There are 6 full time staff members assigned to this section of the department.


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Services include accounts payable, payroll, cash management, investments, grant claims and general ledger account reconciliations and balancing. Financial statement preparation, along with Ministry reporting, is an annual requirement. There are currently 4 full time staff members assigned to this section.

Finance, with input from the various other departments, is responsible for annual budgeting and planning to ensure that the financial resources are available for the provision of necessary services, now and in the long term. Information and input are provided to all departments for business plans, development related projects and the financial impact on council reports.

Financial Analysis

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Services include development and maintenance of the Town's asset inventory, asset management program and managing the supporting business processes.  This includes management of related technology and datasets and providing financial analysis and financial policy support for the town.

Information Technology

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This division supports the Town's entire computing and telecommunications infrastructure in addition to all Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and mapping.  The GIS infrastructure provides the most up-to-date data for the Town's land-based infrastructure including water, sanitary, storm, roads, fire hydrants, parks, zoning and aerial photography.

The GIS System allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, reports and charts which helps answer questions and solved problems by looking at data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.

Key elements of the department include:

  • Liaison with regulatory officials/agencies (external auditors and financial services)
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities as set out in the Municipal Act with respect to finances
  • Providing necessary financial information for other departments for effective and efficient decision making
  • Providing excellent customer service to both external and internal stakeholders such as rate payers, developers and others
  • Maintaining and improving financial policies as changes occur both internally and externally
  • Assistance with the procurement of goods and services
  • Technical computer and GIS services for internal departments
Date edited: 03/07/2018