Online Credit Card Payments

Effective June 20th, to provide customers with more payment options, the Town of Lakeshore will begin accepting credit card payments for Tax and Water bills.

  • Payment will be facilitated through Paymentus, a third party service provider.
  • Payments can be made online or in person at Town Hall using VISA or MasterCard.
  • Standard due dates will continue to apply.
  • Payments made through Paymentus may take up to 1-2 business days to process and are subject to 2.5% user fee payable to Paymentus at the time of payment.

To make an online credit card payment through Paymentus click here 

Pre-authorized Payment Plans

The Town of Lakeshore offers two pre-authorized payment plans to pay your property taxes. Either program is available to customers who are not in arrears.

Instalment Plan
The first program is the Instalment Program. This program will automatically withdraw from your bank account the amount of your tax installment on the due date.

Monthly Plan
The second program is the Monthly Plan. This plan is based on 10 monthly instalments, starting in January and ending in October. At the start of the plan your monthly tax payment will be based on your previous year's taxes plus 5%. This amount will be adjusted once a year after the final tax billing has been calculated to reflect the actual amount of the current year's taxes. The customer will receive notification of the modified payment amount. The monthly payment amount will then remain the same until the beginning of the next year. At the beginning of the new year the monthly payment will again be calculated based on the 5%. And the process continues. This payment plan is only available to those property owners who are not in arrears. The enrolment deadline is December 15 of the year prior to automatic withdrawals being made.

If you are interested in either of these plans, please contact the tax department at extension 301.


Changes to 2019 billings for Customers on Monthly Pre-authorized payments and Mortgage plans

The Town of Lakeshore Tax department is making changes to tax billing procedures for 2019.   
  • All tax bills will now be printed on white paper.
  • Tax bills will now show all credit and arrears balances where applicable.

Customers who have their mortgage company pay property taxes:
  • You will no longer receive an interim tax bill in February.
  • Your tax billing information is provided to your mortgage company on file and they submit payment on your behalf.
  • If you require a copy of this bill, please contact the Tax Department.
  • You will receive a final tax bill in the mail in July
  • The final tax bill is for your records as your mortgage company will continue to pay on your behalf.
Customers on the Pre-authorized Payment Plan for monthly withdrawals from January-October:
  • You will no longer receive an interim tax bill in February
  • We will continue to send a letter in January and June advising you or your monthly withdrawal amount.
  • You will receive a final tax bill in the mail in July,
  • The final tax bill is for your records as your monthly payment will continue to be withdrawn from January to October to pay your taxes.
Please note all other customers, will continue to receive both interim and final tax bills.

If you require further information or need to make changes to your payment arrangements, please contact the Tax Department at or by phone at 519-728-2700


Change of Ownership or Mailing Address

If the property has changed ownership, send the bill to the new owner or return it to the Tax Office, indicating to whom the transfer of title has been made. To prevent misdirected tax bills, please advise the Tax Office in writing of mailing address changes.

Frequently Asked Water Information

Pre-Authorized Water Payment Plans

The Pre-Authorized Water Payment Plan offers you the option of worry-free payments, even if you are away for an extended period of time.  To register, complete the Pre-Authorized Water Payment Plan Registration Form and return it to us with a void cheque, and we will do the rest.  Yes, you will still get a bill showing your water usage, but it will be marked paid.


Date edited: 06/20/2019