Click the link below to see the fees associated with the Fire Department and the Town of Lakeshore. 

Fees Bylaw

Final Fire Master Plan 2011

Our fire department provides a number of emergency services expertise including;

  • Automobile extrication
  • Assisting ambulance as requested with our basic life support / CPR and Defibrillator skills
  • Shore based ice water rescue up to 300 feet off shore
  • Operational level hazmat support and
  • Fire suppression services

The department averages between 500 and 600 calls per year.

The Town of Lakeshore is serviced by;

  • 5 fire stations
    • Station 1 - 1031 County Road 22, Emeryville
    • Station 2 - 1465 Lakeshore Road 203, Maidstone
    • Station 3 - Headquarters - 592 St. Charles St. Belle River
    • Station 4 - 2095 County Road 31, Ruscom
    • Station 5 - 6400 Main Street, Comber
  • 100 dedicated paid on call personnel
  • 5 full time administrative staff including
    • clerical support
    • Fire Inspector
    • Assistant Deputy Chief of Fire Services
    • Deputy Fire Chief of Operations
    • Fire Chief

 Each station consists of;

  • a District Chief
  • 3 Captains
  • Approximately 16 fire fighters

The current fleet make-up consists of 2 to 3 vehicles per station with a total of 12 fire apparatus, 3 command vehicles, 2 support vehicles and our own Fire Safety Trailer.

The Fire Chief and the Deputy are both certified Community Emergency Management Coordinators and are responsible to maintain and update the Emergency Response Plan for The Town of Lakeshore.

The Assistant Deputy Chief heads up the inspection and public education section of the business. This division includes a routine fire inspection program for most occupancy types and provides specific inspections based on request or complaint. A smoke alarm inspection program, launched in 2007 has a 5 year plan to target high risk residential properties. The Smoke Alarms Inspections Program link has further details.

The Lakeshore Fire Department is committed to ensuring our community, residents and visitors are safe. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us and we will be happy to do what we can to ensure your fire safety.

Don Williamson - Fire Chief

Administration: 519-728-0550

Direct all mail to Lakeshore Town Hall at 419 Notre Dame, Belle River, ON as there are no mailboxes at the inidividual fire stations.  Fire Headquarters has administrative staff from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. 

Date edited: 06/04/2018