The Lakeshore Fire Department participates in a wide variety of Fire Prevention activities, with the goal of reducing fire occurrences throughout the community.

Fire Prevention has been adopted within the fire service as a key strategy of reducing human and fire loss. A combined approach is utilized by:

  • Conducting Fire Inspections and,
  • Liaisons with the community through Public Education in a variety of formats.

To administer Fire Prevention Activities, we use a number of different techniques which include:

Mobile Fire Safety Trailer,

  • Hazard House,
  • Public Demonstrations,
  • Home Visitation and
  • Attendance at Community Events.

Fire Prevention Responsibilities include:

  • Inspections of buildings, industrial establishments and residences
  • Investigation of fires to determine cause
  • Fire and life safety education
  • Provide information to public on all aspects of fire safety
  • Review and approve fire safety plans
  • Visit schools and educate our younger citizens
Date edited: 09/29/2017