Under the Ontario Fire Code, Fire Safety Plans (Emergency Planning) are required for the following occupancies:

  • Group 'A' or 'B' occupancy, which include - Schools, Arenas, Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Churches, Clubs, Community Halls, Libraries, Licensed Beverage establishments, Child Care facilities, Restaurants.
  • Group 'C' occupancy, where the occupant load exceeds 10, which are residential occupancies such as apartments, homes, condominiums.
  • Group 'D' occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300, they include - Banks, Medical and Dental offices, Beauty Parlours, Offices, Barber and Hairdressing shops.
  • Group 'E' occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300, which include - Department Stores, Markets, Shops, Stores, Supermarkets and Restaurants.
  • Group 'F' Division 1 occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 25, (f) Group 'F' Division 2 occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 100, or (g) Group 'F' Division 3 occupancy where the occupant load exceeds 300, these include - Factories, Industrial Plants, Power Plants, Laboratories, Freight Depots, Storage Garages, Warehouses.

What does this mean to you?

You are required to have an approved Fire Safety Plan in place. In an emergency this will aid the fire department in fighting the fire. The Fire Safety Plan also provides the Fire Department with contact names of personnel to allow them entry into the building.

Below are blank Fire Safety Plan templates which can be used to create your Fire Safety Plan.

Review and update your Fire Safety Plan on an annual basis and submit it to the Lakeshore Fire Department for approval.

For additional information on Fire Safety Plans or other Fire Prevention activities please contact the Lakeshore Fire Department by phone @ (519) 728-0550
or in person at 592 St. Charles Street in Belle River.

Fire Safety Plans For Download

The following Fire Safety Plans are Word documents. Select one that best fits the type of business or facility you have.

1) No Fire Alarm System - Businesses / Industries without a Fire Alarm system

2) Single Stage Fire - Business / Industries with a Single Stage Fire Alarm

3) Two Stage Fire Alarm System - Institution / Industries with a Two Stage Fire Alarm

4) Small Establishment Single Alarm - Small business or office environment

Date edited: 09/29/2017