How Can the Town Help?


There are a number of ways the Town is helping.  Below are links to information on this page.  If you have any questions, please call Town Hall at 519-728-2700

Basement Flooding Survey


Camera Inspections

If you are experiencing, or suspect a problem with your sanitary or storm Private drain Connection (PDC) you  may contact the Town for assistance identifying the cause.  Locate your PDC cover typically found in your front yard at the property line, and the Town will dispatch a crew to camera inspect your connection(s).  Council has waived the $113 fee for this service until December 2017.  Call 519-728-2488
to make an appointment if you would like this serice completed.   Any repair costs to pipes on your property, including any exploratory digging required to determine cause, will be paid by the home owner.


Flood Defense Strategy Action Plan


In response to the flooding events over the recent past, the Town of Lakeshore has initiated measures to immediately assist and support residents and property owners while also working towards initiatives to minimize the impact to the community from changing climate patterns:
  1. A second round of the Sanitary Backwater Valve Installation program has been authorized and applications are being accepted until December 16, 2017  by the Town.
  2. Council has waived the private drain connection camera inspection fee until December 31, 2017 which will include residents currently on the list for inspection.
  3. A comprehensive public information session is being held November 14, 2017 to provide property owners with further insight into basement flood prevention mitigation measures as well as additional information on on-going Town initiatives.
  4. Additional funding is to be allocated in the 2018 Budget for an enhanced Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) program to explore everything possible to minimize the extraneous flow of rain water into Town sanitary systems.
  5. Council has requested a complete review of the Town’s storm water standards to explore opportunities for improvement or enhancement and include funding in the 2018 Budget to undertake a comprehensive Storm Water Master Plan that will review the possibility of enhancing the existing storm sewer systems and storm water management ponds to accommodate the increased storm waters.
  6. An analysis is being undertaken of the identified flood areas impacted by the recent flood events with the goal to bring forward specific recommendations to expedite the implementation of measures to improve the existing storm water management and report on the processes involved.
  7. The Town is investigating the implementation of a mass emergency notification system.
  8. Council has created a Flood Task Force committee.
  9. The Town is providing a subsidy program of $225 for sump pump overflow outlet valve installation and waived the $94 permit fee for the sump pump overflow outlet valve retroactive to September 1, 2016.
  10. The Town is providing a $75 subsidy towards downspout disconnection.

Please contact the Engineering & Infrastructure Services department with any questions at 519-728-2488
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Below are links providing further information on flooding and how the homeowner can reduce or eliminate occurrences.


Disaster Assistance through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing investigated the region affected by the 2017 storm event for potential Ministry assistance and has declared assistance will be available to Lakeshore residents.  Residents have until January 5, 2018 to apply.


Details on the program and guidelines are on the Ministry's Website.



Click here for updated Flood Questions

Basement Flooding Information for Residents

Stormwater Management and Climate Change Open House Presentations  

Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding

Backflow Preventer

CBC Interview with Bill Feltmate of the University of Waterloo

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation- Helping Canadians Adapt to Extreme Weather

Image of house with drainage systems

Flood Water

Why do I see water accumulate on some roads during heavy rain events?

Certain systems use large stormwater ponds to retain excessive volumes during extreme peak events. Other locations where stormwater pond sizes are limited, the roadway functions as the storage area. Both types of systems are standard practices and acceptable designs. Residents may be concerned that they see water coming up their driveway but this is not a problem. In some cases, water could accumulated up to a foot based on the severity of the rain event. The waters will subside as the event passes and the outlets clear. If conditions dictate for safety purposes, consideration will be given to temporarily closing roads.
Homes are built with multiple barriers to prevent water from entering them. The home’s sanitary drain should be equipped with a functioning backwater valve in the event the Town’s sanitary sewer system is temporarily surcharged. Any rainwater that lands on a home should be directed away by overland grading. Any stormwater that eventually seeps down into the footing system would be discharged through the sump pump. Sump pits that are inundated with water quickly during a rain event could be a sign of a problem with the home’s private internal/external plumbing system and should be addressed by the homeowner immediately.

The backwater valve connects to the sanitary sewer line.  Check valves (a type of backflow preventer) can be installed on sump pumps and floor drains to prevent backflow in these areas. 

Flooding Resources - Conservation Agencies

Lakeshore is covered by 2 Conservation Agencies: 

Visit or contact the Conservation Authority for your area for Flooding notices and details on the watersheds in your area.  
Date edited: 12/21/2017