The following list identifies a number of grants/funds available through the Province of Ontario and/or the Government of Canada.  Each grant has specific eligibility requirements and conditions.  Application deadlines vary.  See link for grant details.

Advanced Manufacturing Fund


Automotive Innovation Fund

  • Funding to build greener, more fuel efficient vehicles through innovation & R&D.  Private sector investment valued at more than $75 million over five years.

Automotive Partnership Fund

  • Next generation automotive technologies financial assistance to support collaborative R&D activities for projects lasting 1-5 years. 

Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) provides business financing and consulting services and can help you access the capital you need to purchase new equipment, technologies or property.


Collaboration Voucher Program

  • Vouchers towards the cost of accessing innovation expertise and intellectual property from universities and colleges.  Must match voucher with minimum cash and in-kind investments.

Economic Development Initiative

  • Programs or services in French to a Francophone community in southern Ontario (Lakeshore qualifies).  Non-repayable contribution (up to $100,000, no more than 50% of eligible costs) for business development activities.


Enabling Accessibility Fund

  • Grant up to $50,000 to improve accessibility in your facility to maintain or create job opportunities for people with disabilities.  Includes renovation, construction, retrofitting, vehicle modification and provision of accessible information or communication technologies.

Engage Grant


Industrial Research Assistance Program.

  • Receive customized technical & business advice as well as non-repayable financial contributions to research, develop, commercialize new technologies, and accelerate the adoption and adaptation of these technologies.


Investing in Business Growth and Productivity

  • Funding up to $20 million to expand facilities, adopt new technologies and participate in global markets.


Investing in Business Innovation

  • Receive up to $1 million in repayable contribution to take on commercialization activities for new products, processes and practices.  Activities supported include applied research, engineering design, product testing, and marketing studies.

Networks of Centers of Excellence

  • Funds available for R&D especially in areas of engineering, health, natural, social and biomedical science.


Rural Economic Development fund

  • Grant up to 50% of the cost spent on projects. 

SMART Program – Advanced Technologies for Global Growth

  • Non-repayable financial contribution to invest in advanced technology assessments and projects up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $15,000 for advanced technology assessments and up to 35% of eligible costs to a maximum of $100,000 for new or upgraded advanced technologies, materials or processes.

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

Date edited: 11/17/2017