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Municipal Heritage Register
Heritage is an important component of the Lakeshore's history and community identity. It is our goal to preserve and enhance resources of historic, architectural, and/or archaeological value. The Town’s rich cultural heritage resources include buildings, structures, monuments or artifacts, and areas.
The Heritage Advisory Committee is a volunteer committee established by Council that advises Council on matters related to heritage conservation. The Town consults this Committee on decisions to designate a property, part of a property or district as heritage under the Ontario Heritage Act.
Designation protects heritage against demolition and damaging alterations. The Committee will advise Council when the Town receives applications to demolish/remove structures from designated properties.
An inventory of heritage resources within the Town (see: Municipal Heritage Register) is prepared and monitored by the Committee. It contains a list of properties that have been identified for their historic, architectural, and/or archaeological value, as well as properties that have been officially designated as heritage by the Town.
Other responsibilities of the Committee include educating the community about the heritage resources within the community, conducting site visits to designated as well as proposed heritage properties, and providing input on land use plans and covenants (see: Terms of Reference).
Date edited: 03/28/2019