Due to the size of Lakeshore, utilities are provided by a number of providers.  Contact the municipality to inquire as to which provider services the area you are interested in. 
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Water in Lakeshore is serviced by a number of systems.
  • Lakeshore's John George Water Treatment Plant is designed to supply 36.4 ML/d (or 8 MIGD) of high quality potable water to the distribution system. Services the central and western portion of Lakeshore
  • Lakeshore's Stoney Point Water Treatment system services the north east portion of Lakeshore
  • Union Water services the south west portion of Lakeshore
  • City of Windsor water services the north west portion of Lakeshore
  • Tilbury-Wheatley water services the eastern portion of Lakeshore

  • ELK Energy serves our Belle River and Comber communities.
  • Hydro One supports the rest of the municipality.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is distributed by Union Gas Limited who is upgrading their distribution system with a new 20" high pressure gas line. 


Lakeshore's wastewater is treated in a number of facilities across the municipality (managed by Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)).
  • Denis St. Pierre Pollution Control Plant
  • Stoney Point Sewage Treatment Facility
  • Comber Sewage Treatment Facility
  • South Woodslee Sewage Works
  • North Woodslee Sewage Works

Lakeshore connects you.

Whether you need fibre, cable, DSL, or satellite service, there are a number of companies available to service your business needs.

Regardless of the size of your community, your age, education, or where you work, you deserve access to high-speed broadband.  South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) is a project initiated by the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus (WOWC), in partnership with The Southwest Economic Alliance (SWEA) to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic regional broadband network for everyone in Western Ontario.

SWIFT will be open access for all providers and users, and rates will be published for all to see. Ongoing competition and full transparency generates more selection, better services, more choices and lower prices. The service fees paid by users and providers will be reinvested in expanding fibre connectivity to everyone, lowering rates and ensuring SWIFT is self-sustaining.

Windsor Essex, including Lakeshore was awarded Top 7 Intelligent Community of the Year in 2011.

Green Energy

Lakeshore is home to a number of Wind and Solar farms and businesses harnessing our natural energy. 

There are four wind farm projects throughout the municipality with each wind turbine generating 600 volts of power which is stepped up to 27.6 kV by transformers.  There are over 125 turbines bringing Lakeshore to the forefront of renewable energy.
Date edited: 11/17/2017