The Official Plan outlines the goals, objectives and policies to manage and direct physical change and the effects of that change on the social, economic and natural environment of a municipality.  It establishes the basic framework on how our community will evolve over time. It is also a policy document that describes how land should be used and implements a municipalities planning development and growth management vision.
The Official Plan has legal status through the Planning Act which means once set it must be followed.
This document determines not only where our residential neighbourhoods will be, but what type of neighbourhoods they will be.  Where should our stores be?  Where should our factories be?  
They may seem like easy questions, however the plan looks at not only today but 20 years down the road.  If you look back even 10 years ago, our municipality looked very different.   Where should we be in another 10 years?  20? 

What about services?  Roads? Water? Sewer?

If we want to grow, we need the right services in the right areas.  The Official Plan provides that direction which allows Lakeshore to focus our resources towards municipal objectives.

Current Official Plan and Schedule

Official - OMB Approved Nov. 22, 2010

Schedule A Community Structure

Schedule B1 Aquifer Intrinsic Susceptibility

Schedule B2 Natural Heritage and Hazards

Schedule B3 Natural Resources and Human Made Hazards

Schedule B4 Natural Resources and Flood prone Areas

Schedule C1 Land Use Rural Area

Schedule C2 Land Use Belle River

Schedule C3 Land Use Emeryville

Schedule C4 Land Use Russell Woods

Schedule C5 Land Use Wallace Woods

Schedule C6 Land Use Patillo Advance

Schedule C7 Land Use Amy Croft Manning Road

Schedule C8 Land Use Stoney Point

Schedule C9 Land Use Lighthouse Cove

Schedule C10 Land Use Comber

Schedule C11 Land Use County Road 22 Special Planning Area

Schedule D1 Road Classification Rural Area

Schedule D2 Road Classification Maidstone and Belle River

Final Growth Study

Final Growth Study

Date edited: 05/23/2019