The Town is undertaking a 5 year review of our Official Plan and we want to hear from you!  Is the Official Plan still effective?  What works, what can be improved.  Are there areas we can strengthen the plan or be more inclusive?

There will be several public sessions where you can provide us with your opinions and ideas that will assist the review of the Town’s plan. 

With your ideas and input we will ensure Lakeshore’s Official Plan is viable tomorrow and into the future.  The current plan is listed in the left column.

Future open houses where you can find out more information and provide your input will be posted on the Town website and Facebook page.

Official Plan Review Documents from Open House - December 6, 2016

Previous Official Plan Review Documents

Official Plan comment form

Current Official Plan Review Documents

Lakeshore OP draft - November 2016 - (red line)

Schedule A - Community Structure

Schedule B.1.1 - Intake Protection Zones

Schedule B.1.2 - Highly Vulnerable Aquifers

Schedule B.1.3 - Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas

Schedule C1 - Land Use - Rural Area

Schedule C2 - Land Use - Belle River

Schedule C3 - Land Use - Emeryville

Schedule C4 - Land Use - Russell Woods

Schedule C5 - Land Use - Wallace Wood

Schedule C6 - Land Use - Patillo

Schedule C7 - Land Use - Amy Croft - Manning Road

Schedule C8 - Land Use - Stoney Point - Pointe - Aux-Roches

Schedule C9 - Land Use - Lighthouse Cove

Schedule C10 - Land Use - Comber

Schedule C11 - Land Use - County Road 22 Special Planning Area

Schedule B2.1 - Natural Heritage Features

Schedule B2.2 - Natural Heritage System

Schedule B3 - Natural Resources and Human Made Hazards

Schedule B4 - Natural Hazards and Flood prone Areas

Schedule D1 - Road Classification - Rural Area

Schedule D2 - Road Classification - Maidstone and Belle River

Schedule D3 - Active Transportation

Issues and policy directions - November 2016

Affordable Housing Strategy (Final) May 2016

Residential Intensification Strategy - November 2016

Natural Heritage Discussion (draft)  November 2016

Figure 1 - see Page 13 of Natural Heritage Discussion Paper

Figure 2 - County OP - Schedule A1

Figure 3 - County OP - Schedule B1

Figure 4 - County OP - Schedule B2

Figure 5 - County OP - Schedule B3

Figure 6 - County OP - Schedule C1

Figure 7 - County OP - Schedule C2

Figure 8 - Lakeshore OP - Natural Heritage System

Figure 9 - Lakeshore OP - Natural Heritage System

Figure 10 - Town of Lakeshore Owned Lands

Figure 11 - Town of Lakeshore Proposed Natural Heritage System 

Official Plan Review Documents - Open House February 29, 2016
Official Plan - Open House Presentation MMM Group

Official Plan - Housing Strategy Presentation SHS Consulting

Issues and Policy Directions

Growth Analysis Study

Affordable Housing Strategy

Residential Intensification Strategy

Date edited: 05/23/2019