2019 Alarm Registration Application

The Ontario Provincial Police officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of the motoring public on more than 888 kilometres of roadways and the security and well-being of our 35,000 residents living within the Town of Lakeshore's 532 square kilometres.

The Lakeshore OPP employs 25 full-time Provincial Constables, 2 administrative staff and one contract manager. The detachment also provides policing expertise through:

  • Community Policing Officer,
  • Youth Crime Officer,
  • Canine Handler,
  • Property Crimes Officer and
  • Criminal Investigator through the Essex County OPP Criminal Investigations Branch

As your police service, the Ontario Provincial Police takes great pride in the tremendous amount of community support it receives. We will continue to earn your trust each and every day as we work together to maintain a safe community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or wish to become a volunteer member of our Community Policing Committee, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Lakeshore OPP

1- 888-310-1122

Date edited: 04/25/2019