The Complaint Process

There are two main types of complaints. They are:

  1. Policies of, or services provided by, a police service;
  2. Conduct of a police officer.

Making a Complaint

Only the person directly affected by the incident may make a complaint. A complaint must be in writing and must be signed by the person making the complaint.


Please submit your complaint either in person or mail / fax to:

Contract Manager
Lakeshore Detachment
Ontario Provincial Police
775 Notre Dame Street
Lakeshore, Ontario
N0R 1A0
Fax: (519) 728-1992

If a complainant chooses to forward a complaint to the OIPRD (Office of the Independent Police Review Director), the complaint will subsequently be forwarded to the relevant police service. For more details regarding the complaint process, please visit

Time Limits

You must usually make a complaint within 6 months after the incident occurred.


Date edited: 01/19/2018