Fire hydrants that have been installed on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to have them inspected an maintained in accordance with the Fire Code, the Building Act and NFPA 24.

Private property owners are also responsible to have inspection reports prepared annually for all privately owned hydrants by a qualified inspector. Effective January 2010, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their private hydrants bi- annually in the spring and fall as defined in By-law #136-2009 under section 1.15 "Qualified Inspector". See our Bylaw page to obtain the most up to date version of this Bylaw.

The owner is to provide completed Annual Hydrant Inspection Forms for both the spring and fall maintenance to the Town of Lakeshore, Attention: Kevin Girard, Manager of Environmental Services.

Failure to provide the Town of Lakeshore with the Annual Inspection Forms for both the Spring and Fall maintenance, may result in fines.

Annual Inspection Form

Fire Hydrant Specifications

Fire Hydrant Details

Hydrant Colour Codes

Date edited: 07/10/2018