Please see the Tariff of Fees Bylaw for listing of fees.

Alarm Registrations

Registering your house alarm is required to prevent fines for false alarms. Alarm registrations can be dropped off or mailed to the Town of Lakeshore municipal office.

2019 Alarm Registration Form

Police Clearances

Available for Lakeshore residents only. Two pieces of identification are required (i.e. driver's licence and birth certificate). If you do not possess a driver's licence, other government-issued photo identification will be required. Clearances for volunteers and students are provided free of charge. All others are subject to the fee.


If you require fingerprints, call the Lakeshore OPP Detachment first to arrange for an officer to meet with you.

Pardon Applications

Pardon Applications are available at the Lakeshore Detachment as are local police record checks for pardons.

Parking Tickets

All parking tickets are paid at the Town of Lakeshore Municipal Office at 419 Notre Dame Street.

Traffic Reports

All drivers involved in a motor vehicle collision are entitled to the top portion of a traffic report (containing driver information, insurance and vehicle details) for free. A full traffic report will be provided upon request for a set fee.

Occurrence Confirmations

All insurance company and lawyer requests should be directed to the Lakeshore OPP Detachment and be accompanied by a cheque or money order. Statements are only available once the charges (if any) have been dealt with.

The OPP does not provide copies of occurrence reports or statements. We do provide Occurrence Confirmations, which will not have 3rd party information on them and contain only a summary of the call.

Only cash or cheque are acceptable methods of payment for any police clearances, traffic reports, insurance requests etc. All cheques should be made payable to the "Town of Lakeshore" unless otherwise directed.

Tickets, excluding parking can be paid online at for a nominal fee

Date edited: 01/10/2019