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The Town of Lakeshore Engineering & Infrastructure Services Department - Environmental Services Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Town's water and wastewater systems.  The division responds to emergency water/wastewater related issues which include watermain breaks, water service repairs and sanitary sewage issues.  The division issues water meters for new construction and oversees the water meter program responsible for monitoring water consumption in the Town of Lakeshore. The Environmental Services Division oversees and administers the Town's Drinking Water Quality Management System.

The Environmental Servies division is committed to providing exceptional service to our community by sharing helpful information about water and sewer maintenance and responding to customer inquiries and needs in a positive and timely manner.

"Water", our single most precious resource!

The Town of Lakeshore is unique in the County of Essex. It is the only municipality that has 2 water treatment plants and 5 water distribution systems, those being Belle River, Tecumseh, Tilbury, Stoney Point and Union Water.

Your water bill states which water system you are connected to. It is contained within the body of the document.

One may ask "why are we doing this?" The answer is quite simple and yet very useful. In familiarizing yourself with the system that you are served by can be helpful when determining if you are affected by a Boil Water Advisory.

We are here to help you by telephone, email or in person to answer your water and wastewater questions:
Date edited: 04/25/2018