The Town of Lakeshore water supply system is comprised of five interconnected water service areas which include:
  • The Lakeshore Water Service Area is supplied by the Lakeshore Water Treatment Plant  John George Facility and encompasses the north-western portion of the Town of Lakeshore.  The service area extends generally from Lake St. Clair to the north, Highway 401 to the south, Manning Road to the west and Rochester Townline Road to the east.  The water treatment plant is located on Lakeview Drive and the water source is Lake St. Clair. There are two elevated water storage tanks in the system which provide emergency storage capabilities and assist to regulate system pressures.
  • The Stoney Point Water Service Area supplies the communities of Stoney Point, the Surf Club area, Lighthouse Cove, Comber, Staples and the rural areas between Lake St. Clair and County Road 8 generally east of Rochester Townline Road and generally west of Big Creek. The water supply source is Lake St. Clair and the Stoney Point Water Treatment Plant is located on St. Clair Road. The Stoney Point system includes two in-ground reservoirs and booster pumping stations. The Haycroft station is located at Comber Sideroad and Lakeshore Road 303 and the Comber station is located on Taylor Avenue.
  • The Lakeshore - Union Water Service Area encompasses the south-west portion of the Town of Lakeshore.  The water supply source for the Union System is Lake Erie and the Union Water Treatment Plant is located within the Town of Kingsville in the community of Ruthven.  All areas south of Highway 401 between Manning Road and Rochester Townline Road, including Ruscom and Woodslee are within the Northwest Service Area of the Union Water Supply System.  System pressures in this area are generally governed by a combination of the water level in the elevated tank located in the Town of Essex and discharge pressures at the Cottam Reservoir and Booster Station.
  • The Tecumseh Water Service Area services a portion of Lakeshore in the areas south of County Road 42 and north of Highway 401 generally between Manning Road and Lakeshore Road 103. The service area also includes customers along the east side of Manning Road between County Road 42 and County Road 22 and on Little Baseline Road immediately east of Manning. 
  • The Tilbury-Wheatley Water Service Area is comprised predominantly of privately owned water systems in the rural areas generally east of Big Creek.  Water is supplied by the Public Utilities Commission for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.  The water supply source for the Tilbury-Wheatley system is Lake Erie and the Wheatley Water Treatment Plant supplies water to the community of Tilbury and to the consumers in Lakeshore through a 600 mm trunk watermain constructed in 2004.
Water Supply System Map
Date edited: 11/20/2017