Clarification of recently passed smoking bylaw 6-2012

Clarification of recently passed smoking bylaw 6-2012
April 19, 2017
The Town of Lakeshore would like to clarify the No Smoking Bylaw recently passed.  Media has reported wrong information about where you can and cannot smoke. 

Council made a decision to protect the health of its residents from the effects of second-hand smoke, and specifically, move to protect children in parks and recreation facilities by eliminating incidental exposure.  
The smoking ban DOES NOT apply to boaters, or the Marina.  Marina patrons and visitors are free to smoke on their boats, on the floating docks and, in and around the wharf up to the limits of Lakeview Park on the south boundary.  Only those areas listed in Schedules A and B of the bylaw have smoking restrictions. 

Highlighted area of Lakeview Park's smoke-free area

Schedule “A”
Smoking is prohibited on the property at the following municipally owned Parks, Playgrounds and Sports Fields.
Parks, Playgrounds and Sports Fields Municipal Address
Centennial Park 1031 County Rd 22, Puce, ON
Comber Fairground Park 7100 Community Centre St., Comber, ON
Duck Creek Park 130 Duck Creek, Belle River, ON
Geralyn Tellier Perdu Park 1250 County Rd 31, St. Joachim, ON 
Girard Park 1410 Traditional Trail, Belle River, ON
Helena Park 743 Helena Cres, Belle River, ON
Johnson Park Abutting the Belle River
Ladouceur/Lions Park 245 St Peter Blvd., Belle River, ON
Lakeshore Soccer Park 304-306 Rourke Line Road, Belle River, ON
Lakeview Park 535 Lakeview Dr, Belle River, ON
Leffler Peace Park 405-557 Old  Tecumseh Rd., Puce, ON
Legion Park 185 Tenth Street, Belle River, ON
Lighthouse Cove Lions Park 17845 Melody Drive, Lighthouse Cove, ON
 Maidstone Park 4562 Oakwood Ave. Belle River, ON
Millen Community Center  1925  South Middle Rd., Woodslee, ON
Oakwood Parkette 396 Puce Road, Belle River, ON
Optimist Park 775 Notre Dame, Belle River, ON
Pleasant Park  1465 Lakeshore Road 203, Maidstone, ON
Puce Sports & Leisure Centre 962 Old Tecumseh Road, Belle River, ON
River Downs Park 510 River Downs Dr., Belle River, ON
Russell Woods Parkette North Side of Old Tecumseh Rd., Belle River, ON
Staples Community Center  3052 Rochester Townline, Staples, ON
St Clair Shore Park 203 Amy Croft Dr., Belle River, ON
Terra Lou Parkette  302 Lambert Crt., Belle River, ON
Tilbury North Park 800 Comber Sideroad,  Stoney Point, ON
Woodslee Memorial Park  52 King St., Woodslee, ON
West Beach Park 121 West River St., Belle River, ON
Schedule “B”
Smoking is prohibited on the property at the following municipally owned Recreational Facilities.
Municipal Recreational Facility Municipal Address
Lakeshore Arena 304 Rourke Line
Puce Sports and Leisure Centre 962 Old Tecumseh Rd.
Comber Community Centre 7100 Community Centre St.
Woodslee Millen Centre 1925 South Middle Rd.
We trust this clarifies and addresses questions that have been raised.
There are 60 municipalities in Ontario who already have similar bylaws in place and many more are considering doing so. 

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