Ministry Undertaking Muskie Study

Ministry Undertaking Muskie Study
November 03, 2017
Media Release
November 2, 2017
Ministry Undertaking Muskie Study

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is undertaking a study of Muskie in Lake St. Clair.  The local Muskie Chapter was on hand November 1 in Lakeshore to assist the Ministry by catching Muskie and transporting them via live wells to the Ministry who inserted microchip radio transmitters and orange wires to track the fish.  A total of 15 fish were caught and fitted with microchips.
The study involved the local Muskie Fishing Chapter catching Muskie for weighing, measurements, sex, and general health before fitting with the microchips and orange wire.  The fishermen then released the Muskies back into the water.
This project was to gain information and data about Muskie Fish in Lake St. Clair.
The data and associated study of the fish's movements in Lake St. Clair along with other information will be applied to support and market that Lakeshore and Lake St. Clair is the world's capital for Muskie Fishing.
Working with the MNR and local Muskie Charter to study Muskie in Lake St. Clair with these activities at Lakeshore’s Belle River Marina supports sustainable sports fishing in Lakeshore and surrounding area. 
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