Backwater Valve Subsidy Program Reinstated

Backwater Valve Subsidy Program Reinstated
October 31, 2017
Backwater Valve Subsidy Program, Reinstated
Lakeshore Council has reinstated the Backwater Valve Subsidy program for residents of Lakeshore.  The Town will post information and an application on the website shortly.
A Sanitary Backwater Valve Subsidy program will provide funding towards the installation of a Sanitary Backwater Valve within a home. 
Residents are reminded that they must obtain a building permit prior to the work being completed and the work must be completed by a certified plumber.
Submitting an application does not guarantee that an applicant will receive a subsidy. Eligibility will be confirmed at a later date as well as the level of available funding for the overall program.  Submission of an application does not commit a homeowner to proceeding with installation. 
Further details such as amount and limits will be determined during the next Council meeting October 10. 

Click here for Backwater Valve Subsidy Application    

Steps to Follow for Backwater Valve Subsidy
  1. Complete the application available on the Town’s website and submit to the Town as per instructions.
  2. Obtain a Building Permit for backwater valve.
  3. Complete and sign waiver. Waiver will have to be submitted with paid invoice in order to receive payment.
  4. Obtain 1 quote from a Licenced plumber (more than one is recommended if possible).
  5. Have backwater valve installed.
  6. Call Building to arrange an inspection prior to the work being covered.The Building Inspector will provide a Final Certificate.
  7. After the work passes inspection, finish project (cover valve).
  8. Submit invoice marked paid to Town for payment along with signed waiver and quote. Finance will confirm the permit has been completed and passed.
  9. Subsidy will be processed for payment.  Payment will be mailed to homeowner.

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