WEDigHistory Scan-A-Thon

WEDigHistory Scan-A-Thon
August 03, 2017
WEDigHistory is a historical archaeology project created to look into the past of the Windsor Essex region. We are hosting two events; a Scan-A-Thon where community members can bring in old photos of the area to be put in a digital archive, and a geophysical survey where we will search for evidence of buildings in Assumption Park.

The Scan-A-Thon will be held Friday, August 25 from 2-8 pm at Leddy Library, University of Windsor. We are asking community members to bring in old photos of the Sandwich and surrounding area to be put in a digital archive.

The geophysical survey will be held Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24 from 9 am – 5 pm in Assumption Park. Community members are invited to join in and help unearth the area's past. Participants will be able to test out geophysical equipment as we conduct a search for buildings located on the property long ago. Please join us as we delve into the rich history of the Windsor-Essex region!


Facebook: WEDigHistory


Telephone: (519) 253-3000 ext 2176
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